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  1. Assistance with Applicant Screening
  2. Depending on the size of the business, they could receive hundreds of applications.  A lot of these people may not be good matches for the role, hence a lot of time will be invested in filtering, assessing, matching and communicating with them.  Using a staffing agency will mean that you see only candidates – job seekers who have been pre-selected to match all the criteria that you are looking for and who are worthy of consideration and interview.  So instead of interviewing dozens and dozens of employees, you might only have to interview 4 or 5 potential candidates.

  3. Reach a Wider Network of Applicants
  4. Some of the best candidates are the hardest to fine.  Many staffing agencies have a database of employee and because of this database they able a variety of potential applicants.  For some applicants, they chose to use a staffing agency over searching for employment themselves. Majority of the time, corporate recruiters are tied to one specific business.  Just like businesses they want to maximize their time and find the right company for them.

  5. Decrease in hiring costs
  6. Employees are employed by the staffing agency, not the business using their services. It in the long run it decreases the costs the businesses may spend on acquiring new employees.  Costs will decrease for the business since they do not have to provide benefits to temporary employees, and they reduce overhead costs such as overtime for regular, full-time employees.   Though the per hour cost may a bit more than the hourly cost of full-time employees, temporary employees can be used as little as necessary without being obligated to giving them a 40-hour work week.

  7. Staffing firms have the time to find passive job seekers
  8. Staffing agencies will have access to passive applicants and applicants that might not of been reached by the job posting. By searching for both active and passive candidates, they have access to more qualified applicants in comparison to businesses.  Experienced, passive candidates know they can go to staffing firms for information regarding new opportunities. Persuading people that are not searching for another job involves more energy than recruiting people that want to leave their current job.

  9. Knowledge of the Job Market
  10. By being a staffing agency, they will have a better understanding of the current job market.  Their finger is always on the pulse.  A staffing agency has a better understanding of where to find employees and how to reach out to them.

  11. Help with Company Branding
  12. This is extremely important especially for smaller companies and businesses that might not have the funds to spend on marketing and advertising.  Staffing agencies can communicate to potential employees’ insights on the business. If you decide to use a staffing agency it is to your advantage to let them spend time getting to know you and your business, then they should be able to represent you as an employer of choice.

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