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Finding loyal hard-working people is hard. We know! We keep a data base of all our qualified employees and we strive to conduct a thorough interview, so we can provide the perfect employee for you and your business.

3 easy steps to find your next employee!

We don’t just send you anyone!  We send you someone you want!



Use the form below – spare no details! – to get the ball rolling. All of our applicants undergo background checks, as well as drug tests if requested.


We do what we do best! We thoroughly assess our applicants based on the position(s) you need.


After finding the perfect applicant, we complete the necessary paperwork & send you a new employee.


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As a premier staffing company, 365 Worx is committed to providing you the right people that fit your needs.  We scout out the right people and put them in the right jobs.  That saves time and money for all of us.   We want you to trust us to be your staffing agency but we expect to earn that trust first!


Let us find you the perfect employee!

As a premier staffing company in the metro area, 365 Worx is committed to providing the highest quality employees for our client’s needs. We take great pride & care in serving as your Human Resources administration! Our adherence with federal & state documents & guidelines, & persistence in matching the perfect employee with your needs is our sole business.

Advertising, bringing applicants in for interviews, drug tests, and background checks can be a costly process. We take care of all these time consuming tasks so you as the employer can focus on what matters most, THE SUCCESS OF YOUR BUSINESS.

Find out how much you could save!

Making the switch to 365 Worx can save you the time and money you need. Let us do the work and take the trouble of finding the perfect candidate for you. We are here to help you save too, let’s see how much money you could save below with our *Costs Calculator.

Enter your business' hourly Pay: $ Hourly Pay with us: $21
Legally Required: Social Security, Medicare, State and Federal Unemployment tax, Workers' Compensation Tax Costs: $2.59 Tax Costs with us: $0
Fringe Benefit Payments: Holiday and vacation pay, sick leave, personal leave, insurance, bonuses, 401(k), etc. Fringe Costs: $4.56 Fringe Costs with us: $0
Recruiting Costs: Advertising, testing, reference checking, interviewing, hiring, administrative, training. Recruiting/Hiring Cost: $1.80 Recruiting/Hiring Cost with us: $0
Onboarding Costs: Tutorials, training, orientation, skill testing Training/Orientation Cost: $1.95Training/Orientation Cost with us: $0
Termination Costs: Unemployment claim administration, severance pay Termination Cost: $0.30 Termination Cost with us: $0
Administrative Cost: Payroll processing, W-2, W-4, I-9, Hiring packet, Salary Increases etc. Administrative Cost: $2.27 Administrative Cost with us: $0
Total: $28.47 Total with us: $21.00

Total savings per Hour: $7.47

Total savings per Month: $1294.78

Total savings per Year: $15537.30

Number of employees:

Grand Total: $15537.30


The Costs Calculator is a tool to approximate potential savings; savings & pay rates might vary. The information provided by this calculator is for illustrative purposes only and accuracy is not guaranteed. The default figures shown are hypothetical and may not be applicable to your individual situation. Please note that the computations performed by this calculator are based on information and assumptions from percentages taken from the following: National Averages from DOL Bureau of Labor Statistics 2010,  National Average based on DOL Bureau of Labor Statistics 2003, Staffing.Org Library Article Measuring What Matters 01/21/2010, National average based on staffing industry’s average costs,  National Average Based on bls.gov news release 04/30/10. Additional cost factors can include: legal expenses, absenteeism, non-productive time, downtime, and employee replacements. These factors vary based on client circumstances, but contribute to workforce-related costs.


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