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We want to help you and our job is to find you the perfect job!   Those jobs change weekly and cover several types of work at many levels of experience.  We post new job postings every week and are growing the number of companies we work all the time.  Check back regularly to see what’s new!


In today’s job market, finding employment can be tough. When you become one of our employees, we help you through the process and walk you thru career growth. We also need to meet you and get to know you a little better to find that perfect placement.

  Here is how it works:


Complete an online application or visit one of our two locations in OKC or TULSA. See our current Jobs.
You must come into our office and bring two forms ID before we can provide employment.


We want to know about you and the type of work you enjoy. So be prepared to sit down with one of our Staffing Coordinators so they can find the perfect fit.


Come dressed for success and bring 2 current forms of ID. We will ask you to complete an I-9 and W-4 before you interview and any other paperwork necessary for placement.


Once we have determined you are good fit for one of our companies, we connect you with that company and get you to work!



We do have companies that will take employees with blemished backgrounds, but a full disclosure is important to all parties.  Unlawful or dishonest information is strictly forbidden and renders services void and the application process with be terminated. In addition, many of our positions require a mandatory drug screening at the company’s expense.

Identification, Forms & Interview


Two (2) current forms of identification as designated by the State of Oklahoma are required before the interview can take place. Physical copies must be presented at the time of the submission of the forms mentioned below. One of the following Photo ID’s: Valid DL or State ID, Tribal ID, Military ID, Permanent Work Permit AND one of the following: Social Security Card or Birth Certificate.


In addition to the Online Application, we require all applicants to complete – IN PERSON – an I-9, W-4 & employee agreement prior to the interview.


Once the above information is satisfactorily completed, an interview will be held at the offices of 365 Worx, Inc. at the convenience of the applicant.


We also require our applicants to have a form of transportation.  We do not provide transportation and all placements assume the applicant has a reliable way to get to their job.


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