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Tribute to Gary Carr

Sep 17, 2018 | The Lowdown | 0 comments

365 worx temp agencies okc employment agencies okc temp agency tulsa okBy 2006, Gary Carr had worked for several well-known staffing companies in OKC. His skills and experiences had helped grow their business for over 25 years.  After realizing his dream to become a business owner, he decided it was time to branch off and start his own company.

In June of 2007, Gary approached local business owner Jeff Shilling with his business plan. After many conversations and strategic planning, they started 365Worx. Gary took the lead during those early years and built the company from the ground up. Because of his integrity, honesty, and hard work, Gary was well-known and highly respected in the staffing industry.Gary treated everyone with kindness and compassion and loved what he did! Today – 365 Worx carries on and tries to make sure it succeeds as Gary would have wanted it.

“Gary had a special way of making anyone he met feel like family. Working with him, I learned so much about the right way to do business, about developing deep, long-lasting relationships that focused on adapting to an individual’s needs, wants and goals. I didn’t feel like an employee to him, I felt like part of his family. And like many who had the good fortune to know him, I will always miss him.”
-Krista Holsan

“Gary was always on teaching mode, either with one of his childhood stories or business-related ones, there was a lesson to be learned. I always appreciated that.”
-Gabriela Meillon

365 Worx is growing and changing.  We want to be known as a staffing company that “Does staffing differently” – We believe there is a hole in our industry and we can be the staffing company that fills that hole by offering  our services with:

PRIDE – in what we do.

PASSION – for people and business

PERSONAL TOUCH – treating everyone as individuals

PROFESSIONAL APPROACH – the professionalism Gary was known for.

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