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Red flags of a bad staffing agency

Oct 9, 2019 | For Employees | 0 comments

bad staffing agencyStaffing agencies have had negative assumptions since the beginning of their inception. Since each experience is different from agency to agency, it makes it difficult to know what to expect from an agency. At 365Worx, we know that not all staffing agencies are the same nor created with the same goals in mind. Though our agency takes time to meet with job seekers and businesses to discover their goals, some do not. When considering to work for an unfamiliar staffing agency, there are a few warning signs you might want to consider before working with them.

There are hiring costs for their services

If a staffing agency has a fee for their service, you should turn around and walk right back out the door. No matter how good the position sounds, you should never pay for services that are routinely the duty of the company looking to use your skills. Avoid signing any contract that requires you to make a payment to the staffing agency. These fees are supposed to be paid by the hiring company. If there are fees involved, it is a warning sign that the agency may be substandard.

Recruiters push for references

Candidates have noticed that some recruiters only want them for access to previous employers. As we all know, these demands for references are an information-gathering exercise. The best time for recruiters to ask is after the candidate is considered to be a good fit.

They are uninformed about the position

The staffing agency environment is often high pressure and extremely competitive. An under-informed recruiter can have low standards and be only looking to find bodies to fill seats. A sure sign of an under-informed recruiter is their inability to answer simple questions. If a recruiter pressures you into accepting a position, by giving a deadline, walk away from the agency. There is no reason to find yourself blind-sighted on the job.

There is too much talking and not enough listening

The 80/20 is a rule that good recruiters will take advantage of when it comes to hiring potential employees. It allows recruiters to find out as much as possible about the candidate’s personality, skills, and long-term career goals. This method helps recruiters achieve two things. The first being able to get the full story on the potential employee. Second, the recruiter can place you in the best environment. A telltale sign if a recruiter is only concerned with commissions is if they push you towards the first open position.

Remember that not all agencies have bad tactics. If you are on the lookout for these practices, you can avoid less than stellar staffing agencies. As a last resort, remember to ask around about different staffing agency reputations. Like any other business, individual experiences and word of mouth are vital to business growth and increases clientele.

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