By 2006 – Gary Carr had worked for several well-known staffing companies in OKC and had grown their business for over 25 years.  But decided it was time to branch off and start his own company.

So, in June of 2007, Gary approached owner, Jeff Shilling and they decided to launch365 Worx.  In less than one year, Gary had exceeded the revenue goals and the company was off and running.  Gary did most of everything in those early years and built the company from the ground up.  Gary was well known and liked in the staffing industry and had many clients/friends that counted on him for his integrity, honesty and hard work.  Gary treated everyone with kindness and compassion and loved what he did!

In 2018, Gary passed away suddenly, and Becca Sharp-Price succeeded him in his role.  It was a difficult time for the 365 Worx staff and all concerned.

Today – 365 Worx carries on and tries to make sure it succeeds as Gary would have wanted it.

“I miss Gary, and all his knowledge of staffing. Everyone loved him, and I had so much to learn.  His staff and our company have pressed forward but we want to grow and become the staffing company that would make Gary proud” – Becca Sharp-Price

365 Worx is growing and changing.  We want to be known as a staffing company that “Does staffing differently” – We believe there is a hole in our industry and we can be the staffing company that fills that hole by offering  our services with:

PRIDE – in what we do.

PASSION – for people and business

PERSONAL TOUCH – treating everyone as individuals

PROFESSIONAL APPROACH – the professionalism Gary was known for.



Gary is missed by all and will always be remembered.

Tribute to Gary Carr – October 13th, 1950  – April 5th 2018